myCFO2go Offering

Completely customizable, myCFO2go provides a cohesive solution and system, broken into three distinct service lines that acts as a starting point to develop a customized offering for your specific needs.

Transaction Processing

Business transactions are the basis of any company’s accounting functions. Being able to process accounting transactions quickly, with high attention to detail is imperative to a company’s success.  Managing relationships with your customers, employees and vendors is a core component to making your business thrive. myCFO2go 

Transactional Processing includes:

  • Secure to Settlement
  • Payment Processing Workflow
  • Record Integration

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting incorporates all aspects of the Transactional Processing services with the addition of business financial accounting and reporting. Consistent, ongoing meetings with your myCFO2go Pro to provide professional financial management and critical decision-making tools. myCFO2go

Enterprise Reporting includes:

  • Recording of monthly transactions and general ledger maintenance
  • Cash receipt application
  • Cash disbursement and credit card coding of transactions
  • Chart of account and general ledger maintenance
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and cash management
  • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts and month-end close procedures
  • Variance analysis of income and expense accounts
  • Preparation of monthly GAAP basis financial statement
  • Regulatory reporting (If Required)
  • Customized key performance indicators
  • Manage payroll (utilize third party payroll processing provider)

Strategy and Practice Admin

The Strategy and Practice Administration service encompasses the Enterprise Reporting solutions and equips business management with planning and analysis and monthly meetings with your myCFO2go Pro that assist and lead business managers navigate and meet ever changing strategic objectives. 

myCFO2go Strategy and Practice Admin solutions include:


  • Budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling
  • Metrics dashboards containing financial reporting, data analytics, and customized key performance indicators
  • Benchmarking (Where Available)
  • Audit support
  • Policy and procedure development